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“A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.”

John O'Donohue

There are times in life when we wish to acknowledge certain events with some type of ritual framework, be it giving thanks, asking for support and/or protection, or bestowing good wishes.


There are many types of blessing, depending on individual circumstances and life events at any given time:


House Blessing

A house blessing and/or cleansing can be as simple or as layered as you wish, shared with family and friends. The intention is to thank any previous owners while clearing their energy and thereby taking emotional ownership of the house yourself. You may wish to ask for protection while inviting in harmony, good health, peace, prosperity and happiness.


A very old home will have its own history which can be researched and acknowledged, as too those who built the house and the land it sits on. It can be an opportunity to meet your neighbours, as part of entering a new community, perhaps finishing the ceremony with a barbecue or shared meal.


If you would like a personalised house blessing, please contact me.


Baby Blessing/Naming

The arrival of a new baby is a significant and life changing event and formally bestowing a name is most often a child’s first official rite of passage following the birth. The intention of the blessing and/or naming ceremony is that of introducing and welcoming the new child into the nuclear family, the extended family, and the wider community, while recognising the special responsibilities of parenthood.


This is a time when invited family members and friends step into their role in the child’s upbringing by offering continued support to not only the child but to the parents, affirming the responsibility everyone has in raising a child.


To discuss how you would like to welcome your child into your family and what elements you would like to include please contact me.


Blessings for Women

The role of women in today’s society had changed dramatically to that of their mother’s and grandmother’s. Our lives are no longer defined by our roles of wife and mother within the home. Women juggling careers, families, study, business support networks, and personal recreation, benefit from times where they can connect with other women at significant times in their lives; where they can relax, and have someone else hold the space for them in honouring who they are as individuals as they acknowledge times of transition. The following blessings are just two examples of transitions that are specific to women but I am happy to discuss your own ideas if you would like to have a personal blessing relating to something else, either for a group or an individual.


Mother Blessing - sometimes called a Blessingway.

Expectant women increasingly want to celebrate their role in the creative process and birth of their child, whether it is a first pregnancy or subsequent one. The Mother Blessing may be seen as a way of reclaiming and honouring this role; while a major life transition, giving birth is a natural process and this is a chance to offer blessings for a safe delivery.


While not in any way replacing the more traditional baby shower, the focus is firmly on the mother; a gentle way to celebrate all aspects of maternity and motherhood with your closest women friends in recognising the miracle of life.


Through ceremony, the mother-to-be is made aware of her connection to all those present, and their connection to each other for this time together, each bringing their wisdom and experience to share. The mother blessing has the potential to open connections on a deeper, more spiritual plane, connecting with the divine feminine, while still retaining a sense of joy and light heartedness.


If you are supporting a family member or close friend through her pregnancy and would like to gift a Mother Blessing, please contact me to discuss how we can create a personal and life affirming ceremony.



The traditional crone was a woman of wisdom, a respected and revered member of her village or community; a healer, wisdom keeper, mediator, and storyteller. Somewhere along the way she has unfortunately taken on a rather less appealing image, seen as an ugly wizened hag, someone rather foreboding.


The modern crone is anything but and more women are reclaiming this role. She is a woman who has experienced life; she has gained knowledge and wisdom along the way and is always willing to share both; she has attained what eludes many - that quality of grace.


The croning ceremony can be for any woman, usually aged over 50 though often after menopause, who feels she is ready to take on the mantle of the crone. It is to fully acknowledge her perfect self in accepting any imperfections, as she steps into the third stage of life; that of wise woman, guide, and mentor to others in attending to the future. It is indeed a time of ritual celebration.


If you would like to discuss your own croning ceremony or that of a friend, please contact me.


Seasonal Blessings

There are parts of New Zealand where the four seasons are not easily defined as one appears to blur into the next. For those following an earth based philosophy it is important that these are acknowledged and celebrated as they relate to us in the Southern hemisphere, both creatively and spiritually.


The following rituals were celebrated by our agricultural ancestors and are making a comeback as we return to the wisdom of those ways in honouring the land that supports and sustains us, the elements that surround us, and the cycle of the year.


• Summer Solstice

• Lughnasadh

• Autumn Equinox

• Samhain

• Winter Solstice

• Imbolc

• Spring equinox

• Beltane


If you would like to gather a group of likeminded friends to experience a seasonal festival please contact me.

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