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The role of the celebrant in New Zealand is rapidly expanding to encompass all manner of ceremony and ritual, not just the traditional three of naming, wedding, and funeral. More frequently there are requests for house blessings, healing and transitional ceremonies, mother blessings, and seasonal ceremonies to attend to. New Zealand is leading the way when it comes to venue options, which can have a huge impact on how a ceremony is structured and delivered. Each ceremony comes with individual requirements, but at the heart of each one is intent.


Families and couples are looking for someone who will sit with them and listen; someone with an open mind who will walk alongside them to develop a unique ceremony that reflects their personal philosophies while at the same time honouring the ritual process. These same families are wanting to reclaim some of those roles that have, for the right reasons, fallen into professional hands, roles that previous generations attended to as a matter of course.


This requires trust, respect, empathy, flexibility, compassion, honesty, along with humour and creativity, regardless of the type of ceremony and its level of complexity. It also requires time so everyone involved can be heard and have an opportunity to contribute.


My role is to be that person: to listen to your story, to guide and inspire you, so together we create a meaningful ceremony that will become a lasting memory. Part of my role is to also liaise with other professionals involved so your ceremony proceeds smoothly on the day.


I have a passion for ceremony and ritual; for serving and supporting individuals and families when the need arises, whatever the occasion, in a relaxed and genuinely caring manner.


Contact me on 021 781 873 so I can be there for you and your family,


Nga mihi nui ki a koe


Anne Conroy

Ritual Celebrant


Lake Rotopounamu – New Zealand

Member Celebrant's Association
of New Zealand

Member of the Order of Bards
Ovates and Druids

Certificate in Applied Grief Studies  •  Certificate in Celebrant Studies  •  Diploma in Creative Writing  •  Diploma in Children's Literature

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