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The traditional labyrinth is an ancient circular symbol which spirals and meanders into the centre. It is a well-established tool for meditation as the individual journeys into the spiritual centre of ‘self’, pausing at the centre for as long as needed, then journeying out again into the apparent or real world. Unlike the maze, which has many dead ends, the labyrinth is a singular pathway so there is no way of getting lost which would be counterproductive to the spiritual experience.


The labyrinth can be used in all types of ceremony: weddings, mother blessing, croning, or a simple and personal ceremony for an individual. Used as part of a ceremony the labyrinth becomes a very powerful means for contemplation and subsequent transformation.


Much is now written about labyrinths and there are many in New Zealand available for the public to use. I have personally walked a number of them as well as labyrinths in England and the most famous one of all in Chartres Cathedral, France.



If you would like to explore how a labyrinth can be used in your ceremony please contact me on 021 781 873 to discuss how we can make this work for you.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

Henry David Thoreau

Chartres Catherdral – France

Hove – England

Johnsonville – New Zealand

Member Celebrant's Association
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Member of the Order of Bards
Ovates and Druids

Certificate in Applied Grief Studies  •  Certificate in Celebrant Studies  •  Diploma in Creative Writing  •  Diploma in Children's Literature

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