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The role of women in today’s society had changed dramatically to that of their mother’s and grandmother’s. Our lives are no longer defined by our roles of wife and mother within the home. Alongside these roles we are more likely to be in the paid workforce, for any number of reasons; we are more likely to be studying, or engaging in professional development to keep up with new trends as well as upskilling in technology and methods of communication.


Digital communication, while unquestionably efficient, can lead to a sense of disconnection; not being able to engage on a visual or tactile level. Women juggling careers, families, study, business support networks, and personal recreation, benefit from times where they can connect with other women, not just over coffee, but at significant times in their lives; where they can relax and have someone else hold the space for them in honouring who they are as individuals as they acknowledge times of transition. The following blessings are just two examples of transitions that are specific to women but I am happy to discuss your own ideas if you would like to have a personal blessing relating to something else, whether is involves a group or is for an individual.


Mother Blessing - sometimes called a Blessingway

Expectant women increasingly want to celebrate their role in the creative process and birth of their child, whether it is a first pregnancy or subsequent one. The Mother Blessing may be seen as a way of reclaiming and honouring this role; while a major life transition, giving birth is a natural process and this is a chance to offer blessings for a safe delivery.


It is not in any way replacing the more traditional baby shower but the focus is firmly on the mother; a very beautiful and gentle way to celebrate all aspects of maternity and motherhood. It is generally a women only ceremony, recognising the miracle of life while the mother-to-be takes this time to invite and connect with women who are significant to her; those who bring the gifts of maternal love, nourishment, and support on many levels.


Through ceremony the mother-to-be is made aware of her connection to all those present, as indeed they are connected to each other for this time together. Included may be mothers, grandmothers, dear friends, cousins, aunts, young and old, each bringing their wisdom and experience to share. The mother blessing has the potential to open connections on a deeper, more spiritual plane, connecting with the divine feminine, while still retaining a sense of joy and light heartedness.


Mother Blessings can include activities related to not only the physical but also spiritual welfare and nourishment of the mother-to-be; massage, foot baths, personal offerings of wisdom or actual gifts, sharing poems, songs or prayers, and together creating a symbolic gift that can be used to support the mother throughout her labour.


If you are supporting a family member or close friend through her pregnancy and would like to gift a Mother Blessing please contact me to discuss how we can create a personal and life affirming ceremony.



The traditional crone was a woman of wisdom; someone who was a respected and revered member of her village or community; a healer, wisdom keeper, mediator, and storyteller. Somewhere along the way she has unfortunately taken on a rather less appealing image, largely due to how she is portrayed in fairy tales and movies. She is seen as an ugly wizened hag, wearing baggy black garments topped with white flowing hair, and someone rather foreboding, if not downright scary.


The modern crone is anything but and more women are reclaiming this role. She is a woman who has experienced life; she has gained knowledge and wisdom along the way and is always willing to share both; she has attained what eludes many - that quality of grace.


The croning ceremony can be for any woman, usually aged over 50 though often after menopause, who feels she is ready to take on the mantle of the crone. It is to fully acknowledge her perfect self in accepting any imperfections, as she steps into the third stage of life from a pagan perspective; that of wise woman, guide and mentor to others in attending to the future. It is indeed a time of ritual celebration.


Like the Mother Blessing the Croning ceremony can include many elements culminating in a deeply meaningful and symbolic ceremony of transformation.


If you would like to discuss your own croning ceremony or that of a friend, please call me on 021 781 873


“The coming and going of the seasons give us more than the springtimes, summers, autumns, and winters of our lives. It reflects the coming and going of the circumstances of our lives like the glassy surface of a pond that shows our faces radiant with joy or contorted with pain.”

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