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baby blessing / naming

The arrival of a new baby is a significant and life changing event and formally bestowing a name is most often a child’s first official rite of passage following the birth. The intention of the blessing and/or naming ceremony is that of introducing and welcoming the new child into the nuclear family, the extended family, and the wider community, while recognising the special responsibilities of parents to their child.


Chosen first names can be modern or traditional; perhaps family names carried forward in remembrance of previous generations. It is this name that establishes the child as an individual. The surname is considered the exterior acknowledgment of family connection and continuity, our clan or tribal name. With this in mind parents may wish to include family stories or cultural connections as being part of the child’s heritage.


A baby blessing is also the time when invited family members and friends step into their role in the child’s upbringing through personal commitments. Included are blessings of good health and happiness, and offering continued support to not only the child but to the parents, affirming with love the responsibility everyone has in raising a child.


To discuss how you would like to welcome your child into your family and what elements you would like to include please contact me on 021 781 873.

“To give someone a blessing is the most significant affirmation we can offer.”

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